Digital transformation

Digital transformation involves incorporating digital technologies in various companies’ business models, positively altering how they relate to customers. The world is experiencing a change in industries due to digital transformation. Understanding and knowing the risks and legal challenges is fundamental in establishing business and legal relationships to advise our clients.

At InterJuris Abogados, we understand that digital transformation is not a commercial expression. We know that it is a complex phenomenon and requires detailed management and constant updating to keep track of it. In many cases, there are gaps in the legal system.

Who we work for

We have advised various companies, ranging from startups to widely consolidated companies both in Venezuela and abroad, in many areas related to digital transformation, such as Blockchain, AI, the Internet of Things, Big Data, Smart Devices, Cryptoassets, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality, among others.

What we do

In the area of Digital Transformation, we take care of:

  • Providing advice on all aspects inherent to contracts and agreements in the various areas of digital transformation for developers, service providers, distributors, and customers
  • Advice on applicable regulatory frameworks
  • Advice on project financing and comprehensive advice on the financial aspects of the same
  • Advice on mergers and acquisitions in the sector and execution and accompaniment throughout the process
  • Drafting of terms of use and privacy policies applicable to technological developments
  • Drafting of Software as a Service (“SaaS”) contracts and other contracts significant to technological developments
  • Drafting of license agreements with related parties or third parties
  • Conflict resolution in connection with contractual and other disputes
  • Legal risk analysis and prevention
“El equipo de InterJuris es muy útil – los abogados están muy bien informados en esta área y tienen fortalezas notables en la planificación estratégica”
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