Employment Law Advice – Protecting Employers

Employers in Venezuela have strict responsibilities towards their workforce. We advise on all aspects of labor law and regularly represent employers in proceedings against the Labor Ministry. Our track record of success illustrates our expertise in this area. It is why we are entrusted by major international clients to handle particularly sensitive employment matters.

InterJuris Abogados in Caracas advises employers, businesses and senior employees on Venezuelan employment and labor law issues.

Who We Work For

InterJuris Abogados advises a host of household name foreign corporations with major operations in Venezuela.  Clients include multinational software corporations, medical supply companies, manufacturers, communications and technology companies, oil and gas corporations and multimedia conglomerates.

Facilitating Senior Employees And Key Staff

Our lawyers also assist with senior employee international mobility and compensation and benefits issues. We work alongside these clients in the development and maintenance of their benefits and pension arrangements.

We have substantial experience advising both local and multinational corporations on benefits of senior workers, expatriates and nationals.

What We Do

We provide expert guidance on a comprehensive range of labor law matters, including:

  • Litigation, including jurisdictional procedures, appeals before the Venezuelan Supreme Court, and administrative procedures before the Venezuelan Labor Administration
  • Workforce restructurings, personnel reductions and termination agreements in an environment where termination of employment is tightly regulated
  • Negotiation of Settlement Agreements
  • Calculation of labor benefits on workplace restructuring
  • Union-labor relations
  • Employment procedures, practice audits and implementation of workplace safety and health policies
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Defense of reinstatement actions
  • Authorizations to dismiss and labor effects of mergers and acquisitions
  • Harmonization of Venezuelan and worldwide compensation and other policies of global corporations
  • Payment of salaries to workers in foreign currency taking account of exchange control restrictions in force in Venezuela

Key Labor Advisers

Ángel Meléndez Cardoza

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